Our actions

The Kazakhstan students for Social Justice

Social justice is a basic principle of peace and safe coexistence both within and between the various countries of our world.

Under the initiative of the Kirghiz Republic at the 62nd session of the General Assembly in 2007 the February 20th has been proclaimed the World Day of Social Justice

The World Day of Social Justice is to urge all countries to mobilize their activities and undergo concrete measures to underline the real significance of general values of humanity and provisidig same possibilities for all.

This year active members of the Future of Kazakhstan Movement outside the Republic carried out an event which involved the start of balloons with an inscription «For Social Justice». The event took place in the territory of the Moscow State University. And also they initiated wide celebration of this holiday among students in social networks who updated their status messages with the following statement: «Social justice it is the purpose which we should reach». The given action, has begun movement of solidarity of the Kazakhstan students abroad.

February, 21st 2011