The Future of Kazakhstan

The Social Solidarity is the main power, which is unites the society and creates a public entity.

The Solidarity of Kazakhstani people for contentious issues with the global mobilization of society in different countries is a guarantee of prevention and responsibility of each individual and the current government of Kazakhstan in front of the community and vice versa.


Unfortunately, nowadays, the society of Kazakhstan is atomized and represents a chaotic accumulation of isolated individuals, prisoners of various fears, eventually becoming a hostage to the existing system.


We prefer to leave the discussion of the role of the existing system in Kazakhstan to the future generations whose evaluation will be objective through the prism of history. However, it is clear that further development of Kazakhstan as a dynamic and modern state with the highest standards of quality of life and advanced scientific technologies are possible only on the basis of enhancing the collective consciousness of society.

Each individual has to overcome a fear of loneliness thoughts and stop to build a life for selfish enrichment only at the expense of the established system, and also stop to alienate from the social problems out of fear for their livelihoods in front of the current system.

The mission of the movement "The Future of Kazakhstan" is the formation of social solidarity in our society - the path to civil society.


By educating collective mobilization skills to our society's mentality through carrying out a large numbers of peaceful meetings, such as rallies, marches, pickets, demonstrations, flash mobs, conferences, trainings and seminars in solidarity to resolve the current economic, social, political and cultural problems that are occurring now other countries, we may protect our society from these problems.